Stetsom SX2 BLACK - Long Distance Remote Control - 16 Functions - 500 Meters

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The SX2 is a remote control for long distance, which can be adapted to most players, CDs and DVDs from the market. It is a product of high technology that operates on radio frequency (RF), emulating the basic functions of the infrared control original of your appliance.

The SX2 is designed to provide effective and high performance when controlling a device to a distance of 500m in targeted area (open area). It is a control immune to interference, economical and does not allow the cloning of their codes. Another positive factor of TLC 3000 is the ease of configuration, which can be performed in a few steps, in addition to the settings pre-programd and the synchronization.

Among the characteristics of the SX2, it is important to note that the control has individual configuration per key.

16 Functions programable long distance remote control

Available in different colors

Without doubt, the SX2 stetsom is a release that will be very good for the market of automotive sound and will provide users with a new feeling of having control in your hands, causing the all a positive experience about a product that had already been born for success.


- Controls for Audio and Video equipment over long distances
- Ideal for DVD PLAYERS and / or MEDIA KIT
- Range up to 500m in open area (Target)
- The Center receives commands from up to 16 controls.
- Easy Sync
- Anti-Copying Technology
- Low battery indicator on Control and Central
- Contains several pre-defined templates in memory devices
- Function "Learning"
- Intelligent Eco Mode



                                                 Stetsom SX2 - Long Distance Remote Control - 16 Functions - 500 Meters

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