Stetsom STX 2448 Crossover & Equalizer - 4 Way Audio Processor

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SKU STX 2448
Weight 5.00 LBS
Height 10.00
Width 10.00
Depth 5.00
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Stetsom STX2448 Crossover & Equalizer - 4 Way Audio Processor

This very versatile and highly adjustable crossover is built for today’s extreme car audio. Use this crossover to protect your mids and high from low damaging bass, resulting in high power handling and SPL!

Digital Audio Processor

Features    STX2448

The STX248 is a digital audio processor that offers an enormous variety of settings and configurations of high accuracy to improve the performance of your audio system.

It consists of a DSPs (Digital Signal Processor) that perform real-time EQ, Filters, Alignment, Gain, Phase Inversion, Limiter, Digital routing of inputs and outputs, among other treatments.

Its graphical OLED display has a high-brightness, wide viewing angle, and provides a dynamic and intuitive user interface.

- The STX2448 has 2 Inputs with equalizer and independent gain.
- Crossover
- 5 band Parametric EQ
- Limiter settings with Attack, Release and Performance Indicator, Phase inversion, Alignment / High Precision Delay, and Independent Gain, Master Volume and Mute.
- Save and load the settings made by the user.
- Block the editing of parameters by means of a password security.
- Extra functions like naming outputs, screen saver and adjust screen brightness.

Number of processors (DSPs)


Input Channels


Output Channels


Output Gain:


Master Level

0 ~ 100%

Graphic Equalizer

15 Bandas (Band)

Graphic Equalizer presets


Parametric Equalizer Input


Parametric Equalizer Output

1 / Saída (Total: 4)


A,B / A+B

Crossover Butterworth (dB/8ª)


Crossover Linkwitz-Riley (dB/8ª)




Automatic Attack/Release



0 ~ 8ms (275cm)

Frequency Generator


Frequency scan



LCD16x2 Caracteres/Characters

Screen saver


Security Password


Frequency Response

10Hz ~ 22,5KHz @ -1 dB


1,08 ms

Signal to Noise

>90 dB



Channel Separation

>80 dB

Maximum Input Voltage

4,5 Vpp (+6,3 dBu)

Maximum Output Voltage

4,5 Vpp (+6,3 dBu)

Supply Voltage

10V ~ 15V DC

Dimensions (H x W x D) mm

37 x 200 x 101 mm

Weight Kg




One Year Full Warranty from the Manufacturer !