PRV RPD4400TI Replacement Diaphragm D4400TI and D4400TI-Nd

PRV Audio Brazil
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Weight 0.50 LBS
Height 5.00
Width 5.00
Depth 3.00
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The RPD4400TI is a replacement Titanium Diaphragm for the D4400TI and D4400TI-Nd Pro audio compression driver. Repair your PRV Drivers for a fraction of the cost of buying a new one! 

This all in one unit permits quick and simple repair for your D4400TI and D4400TI-Nd compression driver.

PLEASE NOTE: This is ONLY for the D4400TI and D4400TI-Nd driver from PRV Audio (Please do not attempt to use it in the D4400PH)

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